I decided today Id talk about past tense.  This oil is known to help relieve the pain and tension associated with headaches.  I have in the past suffered from many headaches all tension related.  As you can see this blend comes in a roll on bottle so is great for putting in you handbag and having it will you all the time.  So now as soon as I feel one coming on I will put past tense on the back of my neck and will wipe a bit of it off my finger across my forehead.  (Don't roll the bottle across your forehead as it is very strong and will end up in your eyes and burn)  This blend will give a burning sensation on the skin for a few minutes but after this it becomes cooling and before you know it the headache will have subsisted.  I put this blend on one of our swimming teachers who had a headache and she was amased at how well it worked - after she got over the heat of it.  I really like this burning sensation but its not for everyone.  But as I said it only lasts for a few mins.This is a great blend to carry around with you all the time.

On Saturday afternoon my past tense had a good work out.  After being my first week back at work after my tonsils I did have a big week and took on an extra house on Saturday.  When I had a headache while at work but forgot my handbag so I didn't have my past tense with me.  By the time I was having a shower to get ready to go out for tea my headache was really bad and before I knew it I was in bed with a migraine.  I took some medication but my stomach was too sensitive from the headache and the medicine didn't stay down.  So I applies my past tense to my neck forehead feet and curled up in bed to sleep it off.  When I woke in the morning my headache had certainly gone from migraine thumping to what I call a heavy head.  Not aching but a bit of discomfort so more past tense and by mid morning I was back to my normal self. 
After a chat with my husband about what would have brought the migraine on as I don't get them all that often but when I do they are a doosee :) I put it down to a bit of over work on my first week back but also seeing I hadn't been to these houses in a month (and most don't get any attention between my visits) I sprayed the showers with demestos for the mold.  Something I haven't done since I worked out in the early stages of work that the blench caused me headaches.  So now it is interesting that my body really doesn't do well with blench and it was a strong reminder not to do it again in any hurry.  Even if it makes it a bit easier for me to clean.  Ill be sticking to my oil blended cleaners and vinegar from now on.

The oils in this blend are know to help relieve the pain and tension associated with headaches.

Single oils contained in this blend.
  Wintergreen: has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties.  It may help with muscles and bone pain. 
  Lavender: may help relieve pain and inflammation.  It is an antispasmodic and may help with migraine headaches and tension.
  Peppermint: has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.  It is often used to help relieve headaches and has a cooling effect on the skin. 
  Frankincense: has sedative properties and may help reduce inflammation, headaches and high blood pressure.
  Cilantro: has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  It is a circulatory stimulant and help alleviate aches, pain and stiffness.
  Roman Chamomile: has calming properties as well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic.  It also helps soothe the nerves.
  Marjoram: is often used to soothe muscles aches and pains.  It also has sedative properties and ma help increase blood flow.
  Basil: is often used to relieve muscle aches and pains as well has deep muscle spasms.
  Rosemary: is often used to help relieve headaches.  It may also help relieve sinus congestion and infections that can contribute to sinus headaches.

Body Systems Affected:- The oils in this blend may help it be effective for dealing with various problems related to the Nervous System and to Muscles and Bones.

Application - Use the roll-on applicator to apply this blend to the back of the neck, temples and forehead and reflex areas on the hands and feet.

Safety Data - Repeated use can result in extreme contact sensitization.  Can cause extreme skin irritation.
Use with caution during pregnancy.

What experiences have you had with Past Tense?

This blend is also this months special.  10% off.  Ask me how?
Every Handbag should have one



Diana Crosby
25/04/2011 01:08

I have used Past Tense on many people who are skeptical about the effectiveness of Essential Oils and have been totally blown away by the instant relief they get from Past Tense

Goddess You
25/04/2011 01:09

Love this stuff!! Its so amazing. Works wonders on my neck!! Even hubby was impressed how well it worked on his back and how much better he felt!!


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